I started baking sourdough bread as a weekly meditation while in a Masters program. I found it very relaxing to stretch and fold the dough, satisfying to have fresh bread, and fun to engage in little experiments to optimize my results.

For one of my final class projects I baked 7 loaves in one weekend! It was super exhausting. I graduated this May, and with all my new free time, I’ve thrown myself into all of the other hobbies/social activities I’ve neglected in the past two years. Since graduation, I’ve baked exactly 1 loaf! I completely neglected my sourdough starter, Brooke, and when I returned to her she was mouldy! There were black spots on the sides of the jar and the smell was awful!

I was so bummed. I shared my starter with a bunch of people and always told them it was so simple, and killing a starter was rare. And then, I killed my starter. Wonk, wonk.

Pity party over, time to move on. I’ve got a new starter going, and I’m looking forward to getting into baking again.

Have you ever lost our sourdough starter?