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Month: March 2016

Using parchment paper in baking bread

When I first started baking sourdough bread in a dutch oven, I would nervously drop the floured boule into the dutch oven, cautiously slash the loaf, cover the lid and slide the whole thing into the oven as quickly as possible. The first step in increasing my confidence in loading the bread into the oven was to use some very thick oven mitts. That worked great. However, when I saw people using parchment paper I was really happy to adopt this technique.


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Passion fruit curd recipe

Last summer, I made the Lemon Raspberry Cake from Joanne Chang’s Flour cookbook. The cake was delicious, but it made me wonder what it would taste like with coconut and passion fruit flavours.  The first step in changing the recipe was to make passion fruit curd. Most online recipes for passion fruit curd are from Australia or the UK, and call for caster sugar. I had no intention of finding/buying caster sugar, so decided to use the lemon curd recipe from the “Lemon Raspberry Cake”  recipe, substituting passion fruit for lemon juice.

Jar of sunshine passion fruit curd

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