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Month: January 2016

How much starter should I use?

My current sourdough recipe calls for 67% (baker’s percentage) of starter. As I’ve been doing more reading, I’ve noticed that a lot of recipes call for much less starter than I currently use. I looked through ten different recipes, and found that for doughs with hydration levels around 80% (blue dots), bakers used ~ 25% of starter. For doughs that had around 65% hydration (orange dots), bakers used ~35% of starter. In contrast, my current recipe (red diamond) calls for 67%!!

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My 2016 baking goals

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over!

I’ve made 4 loaves already this year and have been experimenting with increasing my hydration – I’m up to 75% now! I’m really surprised at the difference the 5% hydration gives – the new loaves are moist and tender, almost squishy(but in a good way!). I’m also trying new things with my leftover starter. To this end, I’ve made some pretty decent sourdough croissants. Croissants always seemed like an unattainable baking goal, so I was really happy to achieve good lamination and a great taste on these. The proofing time needs some work as I didn’t use any extra yeast and had to adapt the recipe to suit (I used Flour’s recipe for this).

With these gains in mind, my 2016 baking goals are to:

  1. Explore new and local flours for my sourdough bread baking
  2. Explore new baking methods (I currently use an enameled dutch oven, which works great but restricts me to boules)
  3. Add-ins! A few years ago, I lived a few miles away from King Arthur Flour’s VT bakery, and loved getting their Sonnenblumenbrot. I want to try adding things to my loaves, starting with Sonnenblumenbrot and Raisin Walnut sourdough.
  4. Develop a croissant process that delivers consistent results with my starter/available equipment
  5. Develop a waffle process that delivers consistent results with my starter/available equipment

Have you made any baking goals for 2016?

Bread pic 6 – Sourdough croissants

Choice of water when maintaining your sourdough starter

When I first started passaging my starter, I used tap water. I’ve since done a lot of reading to try to improve my skills, and found that the type of water used affects starter performance since tap water can contain inhibitory levels of chlorine. In my first experiment to test the impact of the type of water used, I split my starter into purified water and tap water (control).
first test for purified water

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